Friday, 9 July 2010

The Optimen announce 'The Out Of Brisbane Experience' Tour

ollowing on from the shining release of their sophomore album The Out Of Money Experience in April, Brisbane’s The Optimen are hitting the road this July/August and taking their tunes to the nation on the official album launch.

A five-year sojourn that culminated in one of Australia’s finest-hip hop releases this year, The Out Of Money Experience has been robustly received. Triple J’s Hip Hop Show made it their ‘Album Of The Week’ as did 3d World (Sydney), Zebra (Mel) and Zebra (Bris) saying:

“The Brisbane group’s long-awaited sophomore record is the kind of meticulously crafted listening experience which could only be sculpted with a significant allotment of time and dedication. It’s also a remarkably consistent and enjoyable Australian hip hop album. In short – it’s amazing. You should get it.”
‘Album Of The Week’ – Matt O’Neill, Zebra Brisbane / Zebra Melbourne and 3D World

With the album debuting at #37 in the Australian ARIA Urban charts – the response across the board was emphatic:

“This is quality start to end.”
Shane Scott, Onion Magazine

“In a move that goes against the guns, bitches and bling attitude often found in modern hip hop, The OPees show they really are more about mic checks than paycheques.”
Nils Hay, Rave Magazine

“Aussie Hip Hop, and a good exponent of it. Obviously lyrically driven, with great understanding and a perfect mix. Samples and beats drive the many and varied stories the boys tell. A new addition to the mix to get bodies grooving.”

“The Boomtown boys are finally back ... if you were a fan of their upbeat bass lines and rowdy rhymes The Out Of Money Experience still delivers.”
Beat Magazine

“Despite the occasionally sober lyrical content – and don't mistake that for criticism, as I'd much rather hear hip-hop that discusses real issues, as opposed to self-aggrandising hyperbole – The Optimen's overarching optimistic attitude is the biggest take-away from The Out Of Money Experience.”
Andrew McMillen, The Vine

The Out Of Brisbane Experience

The Optimen are getting ready to blast off on the long awaited Album Launch Tour. Taking in the East-Coast and Adelaide (Sorry Perth, we owe you!), The Optimen are taking to the road, bringing brand new tunes from The Out Of Money Experience, plus old favourites from their earlier releases.

Friday July 16 FBi Stolen Records Gala Ball, Gaelic Theatre, Sydney
with Koolism, Thundamentals, Ozi Batla, Daisy Meds, Phatchance feat. Coptic Soldier, Loose Change and Katalyst (DJ SET)
$12 supporters / $17 non supporters / $22 on the door.
All proceeds go to FBi Radio.

Saturday July 17Transit Bar, Canberra
With D’Opus and Roshambo
$10 Entry | 8pm

Friday July 30Beach Road Hotel, Sydney
With Undertow, Gabreil Clouston and Edseven
FREE | 8pm

Friday August 20 The Espy, Melbourne
W’ MPhaze

Saturday August 21The Rocket Bar, Adelaide
Details TBA

The Out Of Money Experience

Though the title might sound like a desperate plea for help in these trying times of economic uncertainty or, more predictably, the ‘old as the ages’ cliché of the starving artist, The Out Of Money Experience is really anything but. This much-anticipated sophomore album by The Optimen (The OPees to their friends – and they will take all the friends they can get) is the result of work: hard work.

Featuring some of their favourite emcees, both from Australia (Tommy Ill, The Archetypes, Pure Product, Adverse, Lazy Grey and Rainman), two international legends in the field – Jehst (UK), Phil The Agony (USA) – and local Brisvocalists Laneous (Mr Laneous) and Kel (The Kelly Gang), The Out Of Money Experience is galvanized by its strength of guest appearances, not stirred into a turbulence by them as can be the case.

The Out Of Money Experience displays a far greater diversity of sounds and assortments of instruments than ever before heard on an Optimen record, but the album isn’t only advanced and progressive in terms of its production values and musicality. It is also the most diverse work that The Optimen have released topically.

Indeed, for The Optimen, the last five years in the culmination up to this sophomore release have been a journey of epic proportions – and for the listener that’s what The Out Of Money Experience brings – it’s a journey.


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